New government

A new government today, following the elections. This is the first new government since 2013, though there was a major cabinet shuffle in January of 2014. The ministry of communications is no more: this ministry (as the ministry of mail, telegraph and telephone) dates back to 1962. Al-Qabas reports that it may be broken up, or may be under the purview of the minister of state for public services (who is also the minister of state for housing). The ministry of planning is also missing, though the previous minister of planning is now the minister of state for the economy, which is a new post. The ministers of interior and defense swapped posts, presumably to protect the former minister of interior from interpellation over the issues such as the withdrawal of citizenship.

One more update

I have updated the results for the 2016 general election from the complete results posted by al-Anba ( These results appear to be an updated version of the results posted by the ministry of Information immediately following the election.

Update on the results

The vote totals for the top 12 candidates in each district are the official results from KUNA (which are the same as those reported in the newspapers). The vote totals for candidates who came in below the top 12 in each district are from the Ministry of Information web site, as of the morning of the 27th. Those results are now not available on the ministry website, or any other official source (as of the afternoon of the 27th). The numbers reported on this website, for all except the top 12 candidates in each district, are thus from an official source, but probably are not the final results. I’m hoping for complete, official results eventually.

More results

All of the initial results, from the Ministry of Information’s website, are up. Two precincts in the 5th district still have not reported results as of 5:30am.


Candidates are withdrawing, and some were removed from the ballot by the ministry of interior. I’ve updated some of these, though the ministry no longer has a list of candidates on its website, so I’m relying on updates from KUNA and the newspapers.

Last day of registration

All of the — many, many — candidates who have put forth their names are listed on the pages for the five districts. A number of candidates whose names appeared in the lists published by KUNA do not appear on the (newly updated) website at the ministry of Interior. These individuals may have withdrawn before registration came to a close, though the ministry lists only one candidate who has withdrawn (as of now). In any case I have removed those whose names do not appear in the list at the ministry of the interior. I will clean up the data further as more information becomes available.

Days 7 & 8

Days 7 & 8 of registration are up. I tweaked the page so that it displays former deputies (including those in the invalidated assemblies) first, then former candidates who did not win election, then the (many) new candidates.